About Us


2000: Graduated from China Agricultural University for Ornamental Horticulture and Landscaping.

2006: Master of Biometrics in Plant Genetics and Breeding at the University of Wageningen, The Netherlands (represented by well-known biometrician Dr. Fred van Eeuwijk, Senior Consultant in Statistical Statistics for Large Seed Industry Company).

2010: Ph. D. , Plant Genetics, Breeding and Biotechnology, Michigan State University, USA, Trained by the famous American soybean breeder Dr. Dechun Wang.

I have received years of comprehensive system training in traditional plant genetics and breeding, biostatistics, plant diseases and insect pests, and molecularly assisted breeding. As an inventor, I obtained a U. S. patent, a U. S. patent, a Canadian patent, and 12 Chinese software copyrights. I have published several articles in China and oversea, wrote some chapters of professional articles, and made conference representations at domestic and international academic conferences. In 2006, I worked as an intern at the company Limagrain Nickerson-Zwaan in the Netherlands. From 2009 to 2011, I worked at the DuPont Pioneer Co. , Ltd. in Indiana Experimental Station (maize breeding) and was mainly responsible for China's field and molecular breeding. In early 2013, I became the founder of Zhangjiagang Sanyangtai Agricultural Science and Technology Co. , Ltd. The main business is develop China market for PRISM(USA), GGEbiplot(Canada), and JoinMap/MapQTL(the Netherlands).